The main house (TALAR), Negin Restaurant, is a typical aristocratic Persian home with "Shahneshin, several basements for summer dwelling in typical hot Kashan weather. TALAR courtyard is fully covered in order to provide refuge from heat, cold and desert dust. Guest enjoy their complementary breakfast ,lunch and dinner here listening to songbirds and fountain.

Negin Coffee Shop serving different types of teas and best quality coffees, ice-cream, different types of fresh juices entertains the guests. 

Negin has a large industrial kitchen with a famous Kashan Cheif and 2 Restaurant capable of accommodating up to 350 guests.

Finally, you will be happy to hear that Negin income supports homeless and socially orphaned children being kept in multiple homes around Kashan and belonging to the charity organization named Negin Khayyerin Kashan.

Plans and objectives
- Maintenance and care of orphans based on gender and age groups 

- Empowering children through the provision of care classical education and vocational training to achieve independent living conditions 

- Reducing the social damage caused by the lack of supervisor and prevent possible social threat 

- Monday Myshtf children's essential needs education to marriage and employment 

Promoting cultural development of children in accordance with religious and national values